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20-22 JANUARY 2025

DEI at ICE 2024

DEI at ICE 2024

From Diversity to Inclusionan Integrated Approach  

Expanding beyond the four walls of the annual DEI seminar, ICE London will use its broad platform in 2024 to amplify the DEI message through-out the show in order to raise awareness, bring communities together and educate.  

ICE & iGB Affiliate People Campaign

We have invited nine industry professionals, experts in a variety of fields, including management, compliance, affiliate marketing, safer gambling, sports betting and business development, who represent a diversity of backgrounds and communities, to share with us their thoughts, aspirations, dreams, visions and achievements.

A four-part campaign was borne out of those conversations, set to celebrate those who make up our industry.

Join many of our contributors and 45,000 experts for ICE And iGB Affiliate this February.

We Are The Gaming Industry

Successful, inspiring and passionate – these are the people who make up our industry! They come from a variety of backgrounds, with their own challenges and aspirations, and make the industry we work for fun, vibrant, dynamic and diverse.


We Are The Future

Dreams, vision and aspirations is what makes us all push forward. It’s the people working inside the industry, with their diverse background and experiences, to bring those dreams and aspirations to life through their hard work, their passion and their energy.


We Are Inspired

It’s the impact we’re making on our community, the relationships and friendships we forge, the opportunities for social and economic mobility we forge, the status-quo we disrupt and the uniqueness of the industry we contribute to – that’s what inspires us to show up every day.


We Are The People

The gaming industry is about the people – say the ten contributors we have invited to join the ICE and iGB Affiliate campaign to celebrate ICE and our industry. Coming from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, they bring change, vision, positivity, strength, knowledge, adaptability and energy to unlock the potential of people, technologies, trends and policy.


In partnership with:

Allyship Meet-ups

All taking place at the Fast Forward theatre on the ICE London showfloor 

Celebrating diversity, bringing communities together, showcasing talent and demonstrating role models – the three allyship meet-ups have been set up to highlight various underrepresented groups and their contributions to the industry. 



Share with your community and show up as an ally!

Want to invite your friends, peers and colleagues to the Allyship Meet-ups? Here are some useful downloadable digital banners for you to use. 


DEI Experts Seminars: Wednesday 7 February

ICC Capital Suite Rooms 2-4

Free to attend to ICE visitors (ICE registration is required)

Taking a specialist and deep dive-in into the topics of DEI, the seminar will bring together the DEI experts from across the industry to share best practices and expertise in a variety of topics, from the EU Women on Board Directive, through discussions on the transformation of the workplace, to going beyond gender and race to consider DEI strategy in an integrated way, inclusive of all underrepresented groups and as part of ESG.  

RSVP here to attend the DEI experts seminar.


See below for the seminar agenda:

DEI Experts Seminar Agenda 

  1. ICC Capital Suite, Level 3, Rooms 2-4. Best ExCeL entrance: East
    Welcome to the DEI Seminar 2024!
  2. ICC Capital Suite, Level 3, Rooms 2-4. Best ExCeL entrance: East
    • Adaptation vs. transformation: where should the line be drawn?  
    • Mentorship to support leaders vs. reverse mentorship to raise awareness on lived experience 
    • An Inclusive Leader: Being an ally as a leader and a colleague 
    • Change driven from the middle: empowering middle managers for change 
  3. ICC Capital Suite, Level 3, Rooms 2-4. Best ExCeL entrance: East
    • Being inclusive, while understanding the breadth of the workforce diversity (existing and desired) and where your gaps are  
    • Accommodating various underrepresented groups beyond just gender and race: physical disability, atypical/neurodiverse, socio-economic, LGBTQ+ ...  
    • Metrics, accountability, KPIs in DEI: from data collection to success monitoring – practical approaches and challenges in measuring DEI 
    • Goals and thresholds that make the difference
  4. ICC Capital Suite, Level 3, Rooms 2-4. Best ExCeL entrance: East
    • EU Women on Boards Directive – what you need to know to comply and by when?
    • Building your pipeline to be ready
    • Effectiveness of enforcement approaches vs. cultural change
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Not there yet when it comes to your DEI journey, but eager to learn?

Download the Code of Practice developed by the British Standards Institute together with the All-In Diversity Project.



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