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David Hicks

David Hicks

Global Experience Thought Leader, Founder and President, XMCoach
United Kingdom

David has been involved in Customer Experience for 35 years, first as a milkman, and then as a postman (eventually as the Executive Lead on experience in both these organizations). In Royal Mail, David led the development of the specification for Customer Experience delivery to ensure an integrated experience across 250k colleagues. Until its successful sale (to IHS a Global Leader in data services), David was the founder and CEO of Mulberry Consulting, the largest Global boutique Customer Experience Consulting business. David led the business for over 12 years, taking it from a start-up to a global player with a Fortune 500 client base. As both a practitioner and consultant, David has unique insights on how to equip and empower the leaders of household brands to make their customer and colleague experience real, every day. He has worked globally with over 300 organizations in telecommunications, finance, retail, logistics, travel & hospitality, auto, publishing and technology. David has coached Senior Leaders of global companies on Customer Experience from UPS to the UK Police.

David regularly speaks on Customer Experience (in 17 countries across 2018/19), telling a unique practical story of customer experience transformation, from both a practitioner and advisors perspective and sharing details of proven practices. David is President of TribeCX, also Chairman XMCoach and TMD, a North American marketing communications company leveraging customer experience based in Canada.

Recently described as “one of the 10 most influential voices in the field of Experience Management”.