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Cecilia Valdés

Cecilia Valdés

President, Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos
Journalist and historian with a focus on ESG, has 15+ years in communications, corporate governance and institutional reputation. She has worked in the public sphere and represented the private sector through her trade associations. It is unusual to see women in trade associations, but Cecilia has invested more than a decade in three guilds: press, mining and currently in the casino gaming industry, all with a large male presence and tremendous challenges. At the Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos, Cecilia currently leads the board of directors, in addition to representing the sector before the State and guiding the modernization of this industry. Under her presidency, she has led the conversation with the National Congress and government authorities on the discussion of the bill that seeks to regularize online gambling platforms. Likewise, she has been the spokesperson to position the entertainment industry and highlight its contributions to the communities where casinos are located.