Location and dates

Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025


ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

Aleksei Bekauri

Aleksei Bekauri

Chief Marketing Officer, 100HP Gaming
With extensive experience in the casino industry, Aleksei’s journey has equipped him with an unmatched understanding of player psychologies and preferences. In the world of gambling, personalisation is paramount. It fosters trust, enhances user engagement, and ensures that players feel valued, translating to heightened loyalty and a deeper player-brand connection. While Aleksei has risen from grassroots to the role of Chief Marketing Officer, his core objective has always been to drive personalised interactions that resonate with users, acknowledging their unique preferences and gaming inclinations. Teamwork is the cornerstone of his philosophy and Alexsei believes that by harnessing collective brilliance, we can craft unmatched, tailored experiences for players.