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20-22 JANUARY 2025

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How Local Can You Go? Scalability vs Hyper-Localisation in Practice

07 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Entering New Markets Workshop

The need for scalability while accommodating diverse markets, understanding shifting regulations, and making the investment required to remain competitive can be demanding for any operator no matter their size. How do you offer a localised sportsbook or casino experience while running your company in the most profitable way? What content offers the best ROI when you’ve got finite resources but thousands of sporting events to cover on a local or global scale? What technology and strategic partnerships are required to make this happen? This session explores how to offer a ‘customer-focused’ approach to entering new markets without breaking the bank.

• Understanding what content, formats, and betting odds drive player interest in key emerging markets.
• Identifying the best messaging and marketing strategies which are tailored to the customer’s understanding.
• Responding to issues with local infrastructure, technology and internet penetration, and the cost considerations involved.



Maria Bashkevich, Head Of Marketing - Uplatform
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