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20-22 JANUARY 2025

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Plain Numbers: Innumeracy in the UK, What Can Be Done About It, and the Implications for Safer Gambling

06 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Safer Gaming Workshop

Approximately half of all adults have the everyday maths skills expected of a primary school child, yet, to date, few regulatory frameworks or approaches to safer gaming incorporate this fact, in comparison to extensive considerations for affordability and mental health. In an industry built around increasingly complex odds, volatility, and algorithms, consumers are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by terminology and jargon. This session, drawing on examples from the financial services industry and other sectors, looks at how small changes to messaging can substantially increase comprehension among consumers and bring the most important information to their attention in an accessible way.

• How might you simplify financial language for players to enable them to make informed choices?
• What can operators do to increase transparency and consistency in language throughout the industry?
• Creating lasting change: Why enabling players to make informed choices is essential for achieving a sustainable customer base.


Mike Elicock, Co-Founder & CEO - Plain Numbers
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