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20-22 JANUARY 2025

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Cultivating Brand Loyalty with New Audiences: Enhancing Customer Experiences to Engage and Retain New Audiences

07 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Innovating Lotteries Workshop

This talk will delve into innovative strategies for engaging new audiences and fostering brand loyalty in the digital Lottery. It will integrate findings from recent industry reports, R&D of a sports betting technology platform, and emerging trends, focusing on attracting and retaining customers through enhanced experiences.

Key Points:
1. Understanding New Audiences:
- Examining demographic changes and evolving preferences in digital entertainment.
- Gleaning insights from R&D, industry VIPs, latest reports, and Ken Costa's "The Trillion Dollar Wealth Exchange" on consumer trends.
2. Personalised Engagement:
- Leveraging consumer research and data analytics for tailored gaming experiences.
- Case study on successful industry loyalty programs.
3. Ethical Engagement and Sustainability:
- Aligning brand strategies with ethical gaming practices that matter.
- Building long-term loyalty through a socially conscious approach.

This presentation will merge practical experiences, R&D insights, statistical data, and Ken Costa’s perspectives on consumer wealth dynamics, offering a detailed guide to enhancing customer experiences in the evolving digital entertainment sector.

Tiffany Santisteban Lagos, Founder - MATTEBLCK

Sponsored by:

Fennica Gaming

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