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What's the Right Regulatory Approach? Crafting the Ideal Environment for Success

07 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Entering New Markets Workshop

The state of gaming regulation is constantly shifting, as new jurisdictions open up, while others tighten their rulebooks. What exactly attracts an operator to a specific market? Is it the tax rate (and levels of transparency over hidden burdens), pace of legislation, ease of access to regulators? From Japan’s slow embrace of casinos to China’s tightened control in Macau, or North America’s slow down on betting, we bring together the most senior legal, regulatory, and compliance perspectives to answer all your questions. 

• Higher costs: How to navigate the maze of varied, and often conflicting regulatory requirements in emerging markets? 
• The right regulatory approach: Is increasing regulation an obstacle to thriving free markets; or a vital part of them? 
• Key actors and their roles: Can the industry play a meaningful role in shaping regulatory regimes? 
• Concerns at home, unknowns abroad: Why are operators removing themselves from global grey markets? 

Ed Bowers, President & CEO - MGM Resorts Japan
Andy Choy, CEO - Estoril Sol
Darren Simmons, EVP - Everi
Jay Schall, SVP & General Counsel - Wynn Macau
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