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ExCeL London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


ICE VOX 2024


Is Advertising a Barrier to Market Entry? How to Build Brand Awareness in Highly Regulated European Markets

07 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Entering New Markets Workshop

Whether advertising is a barrier to market entry remains an important topic for any business that has goals of either launching a new brand into existing markets and/or launching an existing brand into a new market. For operators in the iGaming and betting space this is especially true, as not only do traditional questions around the viability of continual ad spend exist, but they must face the challenge that more and more EU countries are tightening restrictions on ads around bonuses, sponsorship and cross-selling. This workshop session explores the creative methods of standing out in mature regulated markets like Spain, Italy, and the Benelux.

• How can licensed operators stand out, and protect against competition from the grey market?
• When conventional advertising is out of the window, what marketing channels can be used to connect with new players?
• What can be learned from the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries' use of below-the-line promotion?


Aviv Sher, CEO - Codere Online
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