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Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025

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ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

02 Feb 2024


Housed within the innovative umbrella of VeliTech, VeliPlay is our dedicated game development studio specialising in crafting exceptional crash games and more. We're committed to delivering cutting-edge games that engage players with outstanding mechanics and envelop them in rich, immersive narratives.

Stimulate player activity and encourage social interaction in your gaming environment with our proprietary games "TroubleJet", "Fury Baloon", "JingleJump" and more.

Explore the details here - https://velitech.com/products/crash-game-development/


Provably fair

At VeliTech, we understand that trust is the very foundation of an extraordinary iGaming experience, especially within the realm of online casinos. Players demand, and rightly so, the utmost assurance in the security, integrity, and honesty of the games they participate in.

A provably fair game is a game in which the results are not generated by a single entity, such as the game operator’s servers, but by multiple participants. All input data is combined, hashed, and shared among each other before determining the outcome.


You have the creative freedom to infuse your brand’s unique style and identity into our games. Brand the plane or balloon to reflect the company’s imagery or theme, making it uniquely yours.

Moreover, VeliPlay offers the flexibility to tailor the minimum and maximum bet settings according to the specific requirements of your brand. This means that you can customise the betting limits to perfectly align with your target audience’s preferences and financial comfort levels.


Multi-currency ensures that players can enjoy the thrill of our crash games using their local currencies. Whether you’re betting in dollars, euros, pounds, or any other currency, VeliPlay ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for constant currency conversions.


Our multilingual feature allows you to customise the language options within VeliPlay to suit the preferences of your players. Whether it’s English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language, you can easily integrate and offer a user-friendly interface that speaks your players’ language.


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  • Game Development
  • Customised Game Concepts/Design
  • Multi-Platform/Online
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