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18 Jan 2019

MoPlay’s CSO uncovers the key to player loyalty ahead of ICE VOX

MoPlay’s CSO uncovers the key to player loyalty ahead of ICE VOX
Consolidation may not hold all the answers to the growing quest for customer loyalty, according to Nyreen Llamas, Chief Strategy Officer at MoPlay, as she prepares to discuss the ins and outs of player engagement at this year’s ICE VOX (5-7 February, ExCeL London, UK) as part of a dedicated stream, entitled 'Customers will never be loyal in today’s market as they were in the past. The only solution is consolidation’. 

What do you want the key take-outs to be from your stream at ICE VOX?
Although consolidation has created operators with immense marketing power, it is not the only solution to customer loyalty, given the multitude of brands they still have to work with and promote.  I am of the view that, with a strong, unified and unique brand, together with innovative technology and a fast, simple and customised service, well-resourced and experienced new operations will also be able to take market share and achieve customer loyalty from players who resonate more with their chosen brand.   This is the ethos at MoPlay.
As an online and mobile betting operator, can you expand on how MoPlay has worked to engage with its customers over the past few months? 
During the year prior to our launch in August 2018, we were very focused on developing a mobile proposition which is attractive to consumers.  Since our launch, we have been strategic in our player promotions, together with the use of our social media channels and, among other things, we have run various unique campaigns with our sponsorship partners Manchester Utd and Watford FC in order to generate continuous customer engagement and loyalty.
With regards to customer loyalty, can you explore the idea of consolidation a bit more and what it looks like on a global scale?
Consolidation is believed by many to be the fastest and quickest way to acquire customers and gain market share globally.  This may be the case short- and medium-term, however, this does not necessarily mean that this will lead to customer retention and loyalty for the future and with new customers of the younger demographic.  The very same consolidation process will often divert resources away from updating, improving and innovating the product and services for the consumer.  Additionally, consolidation requires focus on merging businesses, rather than on improving current operations, resources and product.
What role do international events like ICE London play in helping to explore gaming’s relationship between operators and customers?
Events like ICE London in particular give operators like ourselves the opportunity to learn and understand how some major players within the sector may be trying to update, improve and innovate their product and services for the consumer.  It is also a good opportunity to meet the leading suppliers and people within the betting and gaming industry who are assisting with the innovation of our products and services.
Do you think there’s an easy fix for operators to combat loyalty issues with something like technology or unique campaigns?
There is no easy fix – we will always strive to keep up with consumers’ demands and develop MoPlay as a trusted brand in the market, as well as provide innovative technology and outstanding service to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.  Technology has a very significant part to play on retention.
With sports betting set to grow again, following the US regulatory changes in 2018 alongside other emerging territories for the sector, how can the industry tap into this with regards to customer engagement?
Opportunities that arise in new territories would require similar methods to be adopted to the ones we currently use in the territories we presently provide our services in, subject to proper and focused localisation.  A US player is always going to have a very different expectation to a British consumer, especially where sports betting is concerned.
Why do you feel ICE London is the place to determine gaming’s future across the globe?
ICE London manages to co-locate a comprehensive learning event paired with one of the world’s most influential gaming technology exhibitions.  This provides not only operators like us, but other delegates with the opportunity to learn and understand any developments within the sector and also the chance to meet and network with various exhibitors within the betting and gaming industry right on the ICE show floor. 
Nyreen Llamas will form part of the Counsel agenda, where industry thought leaders take part in Oxford Union style debates and motions all facilitated by a professional debate team, at this year’s ICE VOX.  To experience Gaming’s Spirit of Genius, visit: www.icelondon.uk.com/ice-vox.