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17 Jan 2019

Fujitsu Electronics brings clarity to ICE London with pioneering 3D glass-less tech

Fujitsu Electronics brings clarity to ICE London with pioneering 3D glass-less tech
The gaming industry is known for being an early adopter of innovative technologies and this year’s ICE London (5-7 February 2019, ExCeL London, UK), the industry's largest gaming technology event, will continue that trend, as Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH presents its ground-breaking 3D glass-less technology at the exhibition.  2019 marks the Japanese-based company’s first time exhibiting at the event, something which Fujitsu’s Global Product Manager Jozsef Miho puts down to the developing market for 3D visualisations and next generation displaying technologies.
Commenting on why the company has chosen 2019 as the year to make its mark on the international gaming exhibition calendar, Jozsef Miho said: “We started promotion on our latest solution in 2018, so we want to use this first chance to exhibit at ICE London.  We’re excited to introduce our 3D glass-less technology to the gaming industry and gain feedback from the assembled international audience, for which the exhibition is renowned.”
For the 3D display products, Fujitsu partners exclusively with 3D Global, a company with nearly 30 years experience of autostereoscopic 3D, resulting in unmatched product quality across all sectors using displays.  Discussing this latest product, which suits perfectly the gaming landscape, Jozsef Miho explained: “2D displays, which have been almost exclusively used to this point, lose critical information in visualization.  Two-dimensional representation conveys no depth impression, which normally arises with human spatial vision.  3D screens and display systems make it possible to see objects in front of, in and behind the screen.  This so-called autostereoscopic display can generate three-dimensional perception without the annoying addition of helmets or glasses.  Instead of offering a set of ‘standard’ 3D displays, we are capable of modifying any LCD screen, making it 3D-capable according to each specific customer’s requirements.”
The 3D technology, which is manufactured at the company’s production facility with a patented production method, is set to bring a new age to how game designers and casinos deliver their content, thanks to the tech’s enhanced lens calculation design.  Jozsef Miho said: “Our production quality is unmatched and our lens calculations are superior, with the result that a player’s eyes don't get tired watching 3D.  With the high flexibility and wide range of possibilities, we’re looking forward to discussing our technology with customers, and how we can improve the quality and user experience of their products, in February.”
Jozsef Miho concluded: “Our 3D glass-less technology is a unique solution and a perfect fit for any gaming company using displays, whether they’re slot machine manufacturers, casinos or companies displaying their new products at an event like ICE London – this is the technology for them.”