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ICE Barca 2025

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31 Jan 2020





Trustly has become one of the hottest Fintechs around, and for good reason. Their online banking payments have given merchants across several industries the power to improve their customer experience. In iGaming, more and more players online are preferring their payment solutions. Now they’re meeting the need for cashless payments in casinos and sportsbooks with Trustly Live. Their Director of Gaming Sales, Sam Barrett, sits down for a Q&A.


Tell us about Trustly Live

Trustly Live is the first payments solution of its kind. With it, players can make payments directly from – and receive winnings directly into their bank account at land-based casinos or sportsbooks. No cash, cards or apps needed.


Why choose it over conventional payment methods?

Players want to go cashless in the retail space. It’s a way more flexible and seamless way to play as they make payments instantly from their phones. Your bank deposit limit is also typically a lot higher than with cards or ATMs allow.


So, a player walks into a casino and...?

As a registered member of the establishment, you walk up to the cash desk or table game where you’ll see a QR code. You scan it with your phone and it prompts you for your phone number and the amount you wish to deposit. After you've entered these details, you’re then redirected to the Trustly iframe and you go through the brief steps of logging into your bank, selecting account and completing the payment. You’re then sent a unique code via SMS – which you give along with your ID to the croupier, cash attendant or automated machine. Once you’re successfully authenticated, you receive your chips or betting slip. From scanning the QR code to playing, it could take as little as 45 seconds.


How does Trustly Live help operators with compliance?

The player provides KYC information at the same time of deposit, which can be cross-checked with the operator’s own internal data on that player. This completely mitigates money laundering and fraud. It allows the operator to be more comfortable with large transactions, and also simplifies the process for VIPs.


How secure is it?

Of all the payment methods in the market, including eWallets, direct bank payments are for sure the safest.


How easy is it for operators to integrate?

We've built an app the operator can download. All that’s required is access to the internet and an iOS device, which we can provide.


Trustly University at ICE 2020

Trustly will be giving some masterclasses on all things payments and regulations at ICE 2020. They’re calling it ‘Trustly University’ and you can join them at booth N9-330, on Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of February 2020. Want to know more about cashless gaming in the retail space? Come and hear Sam Barrett, Trustly’s director of gaming sales and Josef Darmark, Trustly’s chief product officer give a talk on the topic at 3pm on Wednesday, 5th of February.


Check out Trustly on Stand N9-330, and at https://trustly.net/