Location and dates

Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025

Public Liability Insurance, The Hazards of the Exhibition & Fire

ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

Public Liability Insurance

To protect the interests of all visitors to our event, particularly the construction periods, we ask that all stand contractors have at least 2million of public liability insurance. If you are a shell scheme exhibitor, there is no requirement to send this to us however you must be able to produce this if asked. If you are a space only exhibitor, please send a copy of your insurance policy to ESS for our records: plans@eventsupportsolutions.com.

The Hazards of the Exhibition

Beware of the following:

  • The changing environment when moving from one hall or event space to another.
  • Moving vehicles such as goods vehicles and forklift trucks especially in and around cargo / vehicle doors. Reversing vehicles are particularly dangerous.
  • Cable duct openings in the floor.
  • Slip, trip hazards on the floor, particularly plastic sheets (which can be very slippery) and trailing cables.
  • Sharp objects and nails in wood which can pierce ordinary footwear.
  • Falling objects – avoid areas of overhead working.
  • Suspended wires. Often there are wires and other objects hanging at below head height.
  • Not all exits will necessarily be open. The only fire exits open are those with signs illuminated.
  • Partially built structures which may not be stable.
  • Sudden crowd movements and surges during seated events.
  • Over exposure to noise levels which could be damaging to hearing.
  • The potential to fall from height from partially built structures e.g., seating, exposed edges on the upper levels.


On discovering a fire break the glass on the nearest manual call point (coloured red), which are located adjacent to all exits, or contact the Security Suite by dialing 020 7069 4444 or 4444 on any internal phone immediately. Use the nearest available emergency exit route to the appropriate assembly point.