Location and dates

Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025

Gangways and Emergency Exits & Working at Height

ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

Gangways and Emergency Exits

  • Emergency exits are clearly marked and under no circumstances should any aisles, corridors or emergency exits be obstructed.
  • Under no circumstances will any part of your stand, building materials, waste, furniture, exhibits, or displays be allowed to project beyond the boundary of your stand space to infringe upon these gangways and emergency aisles.
  • Aisles deemed emergency gangways must be always kept clear. Plans indicating the emergency gangways will be available in the onsite organiser offices, S4 (lower) and N4 (lower) for your reference.
  • Work areas should be maintained free from general waste and packaging materials which could cause a hazard.
  • Doors or windows are not permitted to open outwards onto a gangway.

Working at Height

"Stop the Drop" is a new campaign launched by the exhibition industry key trade associations and backed by the major organiser’s and contractors, including Clarion Events.

The aim of Stop the Drop is to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the events industry are aware of the dangers of working at height. Work at height is a common activity when building and dismantling an event. It should always be performed in a safe way using the correct equipment. Working at height in an unsafe way can lead to a dangerous situation for both the worker and others who may be working close by, as a fall can result in serious or fatal injuries.

Every accident can be avoided through careful planning, selection of the right equipment and working in a safe way. Take a sensible, pragmatic approach when considering precautions for work at height.

You can download some useful information below.

Please visit www.stop-the-drop.co.uk for more information.