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Health & Safety

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Introduction to Health and Safety 

This section details the health and safety guidance that you must consider when designing, building, or operating your stand at the show. As an Exhibitor, you have a legal duty to ensure that your operations and actions do not compromise health and safety. You are also required to ensure that your attendance at the event is conducted in a way that exposes you and those around you to the minimal possible risk.

It is vital that you read the following information carefully and ensure that you and your staff, as well as any contractors that you employ, adhere to the provisions fully.

As an Exhibitor, you have a legal duty to ensure that your operations and actions do not compromise health and safety. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution and other legal sanctions. We appreciate that some of you may be unfamiliar with the legal and practical aspects of Health and Safety management. This section is designed to give you sufficient guidance to discharge your responsibilities.

We have set out your responsibilities under the prevailing legislation and under the auspices of the Health and Safety at Work (etc.) Act 1974 and The Equality Act 2010, together with subsequent Regulations, Amendments and Approved Codes of Practice.

If you are unsure of anything regarding your participation at our event, you are urged to contact the ICE operations team on ICE SUPPORT. Please do not leave health and safety issues to the last minute; the earlier we have your information the better the support we can give you.

You must complete the Health and safety Declaration Form (please find here), and any other documents you are asked to provide, as well as details of insurance if you haven't taken our recommended insurance. 

Prohibited Methods & Materials 

Clarion Gaming does not permit the following stand construction methods or materials:

  • Chipboard (unless being used as dressing only).
  • Sanding and cutting without extraction.
  • Led-based paints and primers.
  • Products containing isocyanate or labelled as H332 (harmful).

Effective immediately, Clarion Gaming is implementing further changes whereby we will no longer accept timber stand construction that does not contain prefabricated structural elements or requires excessive cutting onsite. This applies to ground mounted structures as well as rigged elements.

All timber constructions must have a timber frame built ahead of arriving within the exhibition halls comprising of connected horizontal and vertical cross-bracing. Build materials must be fit for purpose and meet fire regulations.

The cutting of timber onsite is only permitted when used for dressing only, and suitable extraction is mandatory.

This new change has been implemented to improve safety within the exhibition halls; to reduce congestion within the aisles; to ensure a more efficient and stress-free build and breakdown, and to contribute towards better sustainability within the industry. All stands must be built with safety, sustainability, and reusability in mind.

Pre-show evidence of the use of prefabrication will be required during the inspection process and prior to Clarion Gaming and their appointed stand plan inspection agency issuing Permission to Build. Your appointed Stand Contractor will need to provide details of how the stand will be built in line with the show timetable.

Construction will be stopped immediately if unsuitable working methods or materials are found onsite. Further sanctions may apply.

Risk Assessment 

Method statement

Items of Special Risk

Public Liability Insurance


The Hazards of the Exhibition


Gangways and Emergency Exits

Venue Emergency Procedures

Working at Height

Reporting Accidents

Working Time Regulations

Zero Tolerance 

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