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Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025


ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

Bingo Sector

Brush up on your bingo lingo ahead of gaming’s biggest show

Inject some showbiz into your ICE 2025 experience by exploring how bingo’s community-led approach creates brings together social and real-money gaming.

Eyes down! Bingo brings a bit of pizzaz to gaming, enjoyed as an in-person game by players around the world. But while some forms of gaming struggle to migrate the in-person experience online, bingo remains a social game across every channel.

There’s a constantly evolving range of new bingo formats to pick from, as well as innovative prize mechanics and a communal experience few verticals can match.

And there’s only one place that brings operators and suppliers from around the world. At ICE, the world’s leading gaming event, the innovators, market leaders and industry legends all converge to discuss the latest developments in bingo.

You’ll be able to meet companies from across the bingo ecosystem, including game developers, manufacturers and operators. They’ll be discussing how technology is reshaping the experience for players, as well as outlining major targets for industry expansion.

There’s also a packed agenda in ICE VOX for bingo professionals, covering regulatory developments as well as masterclasses on best practice for customer journeys and responsible gaming.

Keep on top of the latest bingo trends at ICE 2025:

Artificial intelligence:

AI will shape the next evolution of gaming and bingo is no different. Whether it’s virtual callers or automated draws, or even just personalising a player’s interface, rising use of AI creates a unique take on a tried-and-tested game.

Virtual reality:

There’s nothing quite like being among your friends playing bingo, and VR can bring that into your living room. There’s already a higher level of social interaction in online bingo, but this could bring it closer to the in-person experience.

Social media integration: 

Some players simply log on to chat with others, and bingo sites are social hubs as much as they are gaming environments. Features such as live streaming, social media sharing and chatrooms are commonplace, making bingo appeal to a wider range of customers.

Themed rooms:

Bingo can go beyond two fat ladies as operators develop innovative new environments, replacing numbers with symbols and creating more enjoyable ways to play.