Location and dates

ExCeL London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


ICE VOX 2024


The Marriage of Sports Betting and Media: Leveraging TV Rights for US Growth

07 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
Entering New Markets Workshop

For all the ways gambling has infiltrated US life since the Supreme Court repealed PASPA five years ago, one of the most prominent has been the increasing number of collaborations between betting brands and broadcasters. Sports betting is expected to produce $30 billion in annual revenue by 2030, alongside $400 billion in total bets according to Macquarie Research, with mainstream adoption happening with the help of these strategic media partnerships; operators looking to build scale and customer acquisition through existing brand footprints, whether that be licensing brands, access to talent, or deeper in-game plays. This session explores the opportunity for the industry, the various market adoption strategies, and performance measurement of these deals.

• Identifying the right partner: What are the sustainability, brand alignment, and cost considerations of partnership?
• What does success look like? Balancing the customer acquisition cost (CAC) in sports media vs. the lifetime value (LTV) of fan engagement.
• Staying ahead of regulation: How do you manage the partnership so it doesn’t add to the negative narrative around gambling advertising?


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