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Easing the Burden: How Can Regulation Keep Pace with New Technology?

05 Feb 2024
ICC Capital Suite
World Regulatory Briefing

Gambling regulators play a vital role in protecting consumers and ensuring the integrity of the industry. Yet there is growing concern that they are falling behind on the challenge (and opportunity) of the digital age, whether that’s generative AI, blockchain, and the metaverse, or simply the ever more complex financial transaction methods available. There are currently no comprehensive policies to guide the growing use of most of these, so where should the industry start? Learn about the key skill gaps that regulators currently face, and the technologic knowledge they are likely to need for the better regulation of gaming.

• What can gambling regulators learn from other tech-led industries and those they regulate?
• How do you promote greater collaboration across agencies, stakeholders, and borders?
• Balancing the need to ensure fair markets and consumer protection with business innovation.  
• Addressing the potential unintended consequences of technological disruption.


Nadine Dereza, International Broadcaster & Journalist - TV, Radio & Online
Anders Dorph, Director - Danish Gambling Authority
Priya Guliani, Director, Europe, MENA, Africa - Government Blockchain Association
Mike Reaves, Head of Worldwide Solutions - Amazon Web Services
Brian Krolicki, Vice Chair - Nevada Gaming Commission

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