Location and dates

ExCeL London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


My ICE Gateway - How To Guide For Exhibitors

Are you exhibiting at ICE London 2023?

Here is a quick guide on how My ICE Gateway can enhance your experience at world's leading exhibition for the gaming industry:

My Event

My event

All the items you add to Saved Items can be easily accessed by clicking on My Event menu items throughout Gateway, or on the Saved Items quick link at the top of the page.

My Event is also the place to quickly access your messages, contacts, appointments, event itinerary and other items personalised to you.

Save Your Favourite Content

Fav content

Whether it’s a piece of content or a product from your favourite exhibitors, information on partners or sponsors you are most keen to meet at the event, or the sessions you want to attend, you can save them all and start building your ICE London 2022 personal planner.

By doing this, you will be able to save all your items in one place, and even download a PDF containing all the information about them.Requesting Appointments

Requesting Appointments

request apps

Requesting appointments with fellow exhibitors and visitors couldn’t be easier. Simply click on Attendees, search for the person or company you want to meet, click on the contact, and then on Request Appointment – the recipient will receive a notification with your request, once they accept, decline or ask to reschedule it, you will also be notified.

You can filter by the type of visitor you want to reach.

Accepting/Declining/Rescheduling Appointments

accept / decline

An email notification will be sent to the recipient when a meeting is requested. Visitors will be able to click on My Appointments at the top of the dashboard to accept or decline the request.

Saving/Adding Contacts

adding contacts

If you find a contact you’d like to connect with but aren’t quite ready to message or request a meeting – you can save them as contacts by clicking on the icon on the far right to their name. Once you do that, they will appear on My Contact when you go to My Event.

Messaging Other Visitors

messaging visitors

To message other exhibitors and visitors, go to the Attendees menu item, find the visitors you wish to message, open the contact and click on Send Message. You will then be able to write and send your message!

If you have already saved the person you want to message a contact, simply go to My Contacts and find the person you want to message.

You can also to go My Messages on My Event to continue a previous conversation.Access Exhibitor Content

Access Exhibitor Content

As you know, exhibitors are constantly uploading engaging content such as videos, press releases and information about their latest products. Gateway allows you to view, access and save your favourite content from other exhibitors to make sure you don’t miss a thing during your visit to the event and stay up to date with what the competition is doing!

Adding to Your Calendar

save to calendar

Add your favourite sessions and confirmed appointments to your Outlook Calendar to ensure you don’t miss a thing at ICE London.

Go to My Itinerary, find the item you want to add to your calendar and click on the icon on the far right.

Make the most of MY ICE Gateway as an exhibitor

As you can imagine, the ICE London audience is itching to return to the industry's biggest and most prestigious event for the international gaming neighbourhood.

So identifying visitors that you can potentially do business with, in the lead up to the event, is key.

And Gateway offers you just what you need to make that happen!

On top of the features above which any individuals registered as exhibitors can use to interact with visitors, you have the power of the EZone to stand out from the competition. Everything that you add to the EZone will reflect on Gateway, which visitors can access, view and bookmark. So, exhibitors with the most complete profiles will stand out from the competition and attract the visitors they desire.

Some will argue that having the ability to message and request appointments with other visitors is the platform's best feature, and rightly so, it's a powerful tool. But for exhibitors, the fact that visitors not only view but also bookmark all exhibitor content is a game-changer as you will be able to appeal to visitors before they even arrive at the event!