Location and dates

Fira Barcelona Gran Via

20-22 JANUARY 2025

What's different about ICE 2025?

ICE Barca 2025

IGBA Barca 2025

What's different about ICE 2025?

Floorplan Restrictions

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and their appointed stand contractor to inspect the location of the stand. In some locations there are pillars or further height restrictions which must be considered when designing your stand. If you require a technical floorplan, please contact our dedicated Customer Success team. 

Literature Distribution Off Your Stand

A license will be required for anyone operating outside the boundary of your stand to promote your company. Regardless of what they are wearing, be it a costume or a branded t-shirt, if they are trying to promote your company off of your stand then you must have a license.

If you would like to have promotional staff distributing items away from your stand, please contact the Customer Success team. There is no limit to the number of licenses you can request and you only require passes for people are working away from your stand at any point.- Promotional staff will be given a unique lanyard to make them easily identifable.

Each promotional staff pass is charged at 2,000Euros + VAT for 3 days.

ICE is a place of business, and your behaviour must reflect that. If for any reason any of the below occurs then your license can and will be revoked without refund and the promotional staff will be asked to leave.

• Flyers must not be left anywhere (such as tables, chairs, or communal areas).
• Any literature found in public seating areas or eateries will be disposed of and waste removal costs will be charged to your company.
• Do not block or stand immediately in front of other stands.
• Do not surround your competitor stand.
• Do not distribute flyers or promotional giveaways on any other Exhibitor's stands.

Ceiling Branding

Enclosed roof structures are allowed to be built provided that the specifications of the construction, decorative or furniture materials, established in these regulations, are met.

Since the ceilings can be seen from higher floors and the sky walkway, their finish should always be aesthetically pleasing. Branding on the top of ceilings are considered an additional sponsorship opportunity and must therefore be booked with the Organisers.

The fee incurred by the additional sponsorship opportunity is for the advertising rights only. You are responsible for the production of the rigged item and placing your rigging order by the specified deadline.

Mandatory Waste Removal

Unmanaged waste poses safety risks, including injury, increased threat of fire, blocks fire exits and hinders access for medical teams in emergencies. Our health and safety policy prohibits the accumulation of waste on stands, in storage areas, in gangways and in communal areas. Waste generated from your activities (during build up, show open and breakdown) must be removed at the end of each day.

All Space Only Exhibitors will be required to contract a minimum m3 standard waste management via ServiFira. The requirement is determined by stand size. Each exhibitor/contractor will need to show proof that they have ordered the corresponding m3 waste management through ServiFira before they can obtain the Drawing Inspection Notice. For more information, please see the Space Only Stand Design Guide.

Dark Day, No Construction (Sunday 19th January 2025)

Space only stand construction must be completed by 20:00 on Saturday 18th January 2025. No construction work should take place on Sunday 19th January 2025. No construction work refers to building, cutting, sawing, painting, etc. Only non-messy works will be permitted on Sunday 19th January 2025, e.g. dressing, product placement, graphics, cleaning, and furniture layout. You must arrange waste removal Please arrange waste bags for any material leftovers waste generated from graphics, furniture wrapping, etc. and ensure it is not discarded in the aisles. This will allow time on Sunday for product placement, dressing, final preparation and gangway carpet lay. 


As per the Terms and Conditions of each Exhibitor's contract, the Exhibitor and their appointed Stand Contractor must adhere to all rules and regulations as stipulated within the Technical Manual. If any rules and regulations are breached, the Exhibitor will be written to and penalties may apply.

Wi-Fi Policy

Fira Barcelona is well recognized for its outstanding IT and Wi-Fi infrastructure, equipped with the most advanced technology available on the market. With more than 1,700 high-density Wi-Fi antennas installed throughout the venue, we provide a high-quality, stable, and fast Wi-Fi network everywhere on the premises. To guarantee quality service, Fira Barcelona is the only authorized Wi-Fi supplier, and it is strictly forbidden to use devices that propagate wireless signals in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or 6 GHz frequency bands, as such devices can interfere with the overall Wi-Fi service provided at the venue.

During the event, Fira Barcelona will have an on-site team monitoring and keeping the venue interference-free. The organization reserves the right to identify and deactivate any wireless network not installed by Fira Barcelona. All exhibitors are required to comply with the ICE and Fira Barcelona Wireless Policy.

Fira Barcelona provides Wi-Fi services for exhibitors. If the services in the catalogue do not meet your needs, please contact Fira Barcelona by sending an e-mail to ice-igb.internet@firabarcelona.com.

If you require the installation of your own Wi-Fi network, this is only permitted with special permission given by the Organsiers and the Venue. If this is required, please complete the Special Activities Form.


If your devices (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) can only connect through Wi-Fi, they must be compatible with the 5 GHz frequency band (Wi-Fi standard 802.11a/n/ac). Fira Barcelona will not be responsible for any claims regarding devices not compatible with 5 GHz. Please read the compatibility document for verification.

All exhibitors attending the event are subject to this policy, whether or not you purchase IT services.

Post-show Contractor Survey 

After ICE 2025, we will be launching a post-show contractor survey to hear your feedback on what we can do to help support you and make your lives easier at our show. We will be mailing this out post-show. Please do keep an eye out for this - we really value feedback and will strive to initiate change based on your comments.